List of NSA related leaks that didn’t came from Snowden

Since June 2013, numerous top secret documents from NSA and the Five Eyes have been disclosed. The overwhelming majority of them came from the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

But what many people didn’t notice, is that a range of documents were not provided by Snowden, but by other leakers. Here’s a list of the leaks that didn’t came from, or haven’t been attributed to Snowden (> more details at

Leaks with original documents being published:

Source nr. 1 (Edward Snowden):

  • Thousands of documents from NSA and the Five Eyes

Source nr. 2 (NSA insider or hostile mole):

  • Chancellor Merkel tasking record

Source nr. 3 (someone from US military intelligence?):

  • NCTC watchlisting guidance

Source nr. 4 (on behalf of the US government?):

Source nr. 5 (low-level military person):

Source nr. 6 (“The Shadow Brokers”)

  • TAO hacking tools

Source nr. 7 (someone inside CIA?):

Source nr. 8 (Reality L. Winner):

Leaks from which no documents were published:

Leak nr. 9 (Harold T. Martin III):

  • Classified documents from multiple agencies

Leak nr. 10 (Nghia H. Pho)

So from NSA we have the following leaks:

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